What is SAAS? And The Benefits for Your Startup

In today’s digital economy era, you are already connected with cloud-based technology or commonly known as Saas. Saas is software as a service that makes it easier for you to carry out your daily activities.

What’s SAAS?

Software as a service or abbreviated as SAAS is software that can be used and accessed via the internet without having to purchase programs or systems, as well as hardware. Because it is on a cloud-based server, you don’t need to download software if you want to use it or update the system. To access and use saas, all you need is the internet. The service provider has also guaranteed the availability and reliability of the application so that as a user, you can use it immediately without having to incur investment costs or buy relatively expensive licenses. Only by giving a touch to the smartphone or clicking on it on the laptop you can already use it.

SAAS Characteristic

Multitenant Architecture

That is, SaaS applications reside on a centralized infrastructure. It is the vendor who manages the infrastructure. As a user, you can use it right away. You don’t need to install it on your device. You also don’t need to bother setting up a PC with certain specifications. As long as your device specifications are relatively standard, you can still access this cloud-based application via a browser. Thus, you can minimize spending on hardware procurement. This benefit will be felt especially for a company.

Can be accessed by many devices at one time

This is broader than the ease of access that only needs a browser. You can access certain data from various devices at one time. You can easily manage access rights. So, only people with authorization can access it. This feature can make it easier to share data, work on a task in groups, and monitor work progress. Many companies use this service because it can increase work effectiveness.

Application Management is fully handled by vendors

Vendors with full access to the application infrastructure can upgrade their applications faster and more frequently. Installing apps and updating services periodically can seem dated. This allows vendors to make improvements with more unique customizations. Thus, you can customize its use according to your needs without affecting the general infrastructure.

Storage in the cloud

Every work data will be directly stored in the cloud. Apart from making it easier to share data, as we explained in the second point, this can also save storage on the device you are using. This means you don’t need to upgrade storage when you have more and more work data. Moreover, storage devices are prone to damage. If it is already damaged, your data will be destroyed instantly. With the cloud, data can remain safe even if your device has been torn apart.

Availability of tools for data analysis

Applications in this service use a centralized platform. This condition makes it easier to capture data. Given the importance of data in this era, vendors will usually provide tools for data analysis. From these tools, users will get valuable insights to streamline their work. Cloud-based software has benefits that most people need in this era. Apart from the five points above, there are many other benefits.


  • Saving time

The company’s time will be more efficient if it uses services in the form of software. The existence of this time-saving can be felt as long as the installation process does not occur damage. Indeed, there is a specific time to do the installation, unlike the case of using a self-managed device. Therefore, the use of SaaS can solve all these problems. Moreover, the installation and repair process can be done remotely, so it won’t interfere with other activities.

  • Can Reduce Operational Costs

Another reason why companies should choose SaaS is that it can reduce operational costs. In addition, this service can also be provided within a certain time. This will save time because it can cut off cooperation if the company does not get satisfactory service. Unlike the case, if the company uses its software. The company will experience losses if the devices used are unsuitable, so they must carry out server maintenance.

  • Can Reduce the Need for Place

The software used to run the system, of course, needs a separate place for database storage. Therefore, every company must be able to provide a place to store various databases so that they can always use these devices. With SaaS, companies don’t need to do this. Through cloud-based services or so-called cloud computing, servers and storage needs are the responsibility of all service providers.

  • Easy to Access

The ease of accessing the software is another reason companies use SaaS. So that employees can access it in various places and devices through software that can be accessed using a browser by accessing the data needed when working anywhere and anytime, cloud-based storage will make it easier for employees.

  • Facilitate Data Analysis Process

Users can easily get data analysis on company performance depending on the software they have with a centralized operating system. Companies can also easily analyse content performance and other related matters if the company uses a content management system.


However, that doesn’t mean the service is flawless. To use cloud-based applications, you become very dependent on the internet. The stability of the internet connection will affect your performance. The weakness of SaaS that you must be aware of is the problem of data security. In this case, you must be smart in choosing a vendor who is responsible for the data security of each customer.


  3. Hubspot
  4. Lumen5
  5. Jubelio 

This cloud-based application provides many conveniences, especially for running your business and startup. With this service, your performance can be more effective and time efficient. SaaS vendors usually provide services for free, and subscriptions are paid. To get more complete features, you can use the premium version.

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