What is Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud

What is Alibaba Cloud?

When you want to build a startup, you are bound to be struggling with one main thing: data and services. With data, you can save all the progress of your startup. In addition, data can give you a better picture of your startup’s prospects and business opportunities in the future. Later, you will apply the knowledge and skills from those data in your services to consumers.

However, the question arises: where will you store the startup data and services? It would help if you had a capable place to store your startup data. In addition, in this highly mobile digital era, you also need services that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Don’t forget that hacking and cyber theft are common, so you need completely secure storage for your data and services.

We understand your needs, so we provide the best solution for your data storage and services: Alibaba Cloud. Read more to see why Alibaba Cloud is the best place to store your data and services!

All About Alibaba Cloud: Advanced and Secure

Alibaba Cloud is a cloud computing provider that focuses on data storage services and services for its users. As a part of Alibaba, it is the number one cloud computing provider in China, number one in Asia, and number three in the world. It also has been trusted as a cloud computing provider for the Olympics since 2017.

Alibaba Cloud’s qualified Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is the main course of this company. With an infrastructure based on the fourth generation of X-Dragon, Alibaba Cloud’s ECS performance is drastically ahead of its competitors: Storage IOPS increased by 300%, network PPS increased by 100%, and network latency decreased by 80%. Beyond that, It is also supported by a world-class Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures the stability of its ECS. Thus, Alibaba Cloud becomes the right place to store your startup data and services.

Alibaba Cloud also has a relatively vast network that supports its content delivery network (CDN). With 27 server regions, 110 Point of Presence (POP) points, and 2,800 CDN points, Alibaba Cloud can provide stable, low latency, and high-speed CDNs, making it easier to store and run data and services for its users.

Talking about data security, Alibaba Cloud also has its advantages. It has an adaptive security system according to cloud computing developments that can analyze the security of the data and services that its users store. Statistics also prove its robust data security: 5 billion cyber-attacks and 2,000 DDoS attacks are blocked daily, 700 thousand SSL certificates are owned, and 7.34 million vulnerable points are repaired annually. That way, you can breathe easily because your startup data and services will be safe in Alibaba Cloud’s hands.

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