Indonesian Startups That Have Gone International

Indonesian Startups that have gone International now more than 5. Of course, Indonesia has a multitude of startups. Some have even reached the unicorn level up until now. The success of Indonesian startups does not only silence them. Many of them began by expanding internationally. From food and beverage startups to fashion. Of course, it was their success in the country that propelled them to this point. What are the names of Indonesian startups that have gone global? And which countries?

1. Kopi Kenangan

Kopi kenangan started its career journey in 2017, which was founded by Edward Tirtanata, James Prananto and Cynthia Chaerunnisa. Two years later, Kopi Kenangan has opened more than 230 stores throughout Indonesia. In 2018, Kopi Kenangan received Rp 121 billion in funding from Alpha JWC. In 2019, Kopi Kenangan received another injection of IDR 288 billion, this time from venture capital Sequoia India. With that much funding, Kopi Kenangan is targeting to have 1,000 outlets by 2021.Edward Tirtanata’s statement on October 17, 2022, to, he had succeeded in opening a new branch in Malaysia. Precisely at the Suria KLCC mall. The company decided to name Kenangan Coffee to build an image, aka brand awareness, in the global market.

Chief Business Development and Co-Founder of Kopi Kenangan James Prananto added opening outlets was intended to maximize sales and build brand awareness. James explained that there would be five Kenangan Coffee outlets in Malaysia. In addition to outlets on the Suria KLCC concourse floor, Kenangan Coffee will open stalls at MyTown Cheras Mall, Pavilion KL, NU Sentral KL, and Sunway Pyramid PJ. However, not all shops opened simultaneously. Four Kenangan Coffee outlets opened throughout October and one more will operate a month later. As for now, the new operating outlet is in Suria KLCC.


Along with the development and emergence of various beverage brands in Indonesia, TEGUK has been present in the community since 2018 as a pioneer of the Food and Beverage business, which focuses on selling a variety of current hype drinks, both locally and internationally. The number of outlets is approximately 180, spread across Jabodetabek, Bandung, Karawang, Sukabumi, Garut, Cirebon, Tasikmalaya and Sumedang, and continues to increase.

With quality raw materials and maximum service. Based on an article on the official sip website, TEGUK opened an outlet in New York, United States of America (US). Its outlet, located at 248 Mott Street, New York, NY10012 became the beginning of TEGUK’s global expansion. At its grand opening, TEGUK gave a “Pay as You Like” promo, making New Yorkers even more enthusiastic. For the New York branch, TEGUK said that 80% of the menu does not exist in Indonesia because it is adjusted again to the trend and follows the market competition for consumer behaviour in the US.

3. Traveloka 

Traveloka was founded in 2012 by Ferry Unardi, Derianto Kusuma and Albert Zhang. This startup provides travel and tourism services. Traveloka also provides more than 40 payment methods to support user transaction convenience. Due to its success, this startup obtained funding from well-known foreign companies such as East Venture, Expedia, and several other investors worth US$500 million or Rp.6.75 trillion. This Traveloka service is already available in neighbouring Indonesia, including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. On its official website, Traveloka claims that the application has been downloaded more than 30 million times and is the most popular in Southeast Asia. Even so, this startup is a startup that was directly affected by the pandemic in 2020.


Who doesn’t know Gojek? This startup has entered the Unicorn level! Gojek was founded in 2011, which at that time was still very limited in use because there were only a few drivers. Applications that connect drivers with passengers through applications now have many other useful features. Like GoFood, GoSend and others. Thanks to its business strategy and expertise in developing Gojek, this startup has finally succeeded in expanding to several neighbouring countries in the Asian region, namely Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, under the name GoViet. Simultaneously with its expansion, Gojek has also managed to attract the attention of investors from various world technology giants, including Google and Temasek Holdings, which in the end, injected funds and, if accumulated, reached more than tens of trillions.


Switching to fashion startups, Hijup is one of the Indonesian startups that has gone international. Hijup is an e-commerce or online shopping site for the hijab fashion sector. Hijup was founded in 2011 by Diajeng Lestari. Initially, Hijup had an online mall concept, guys. However, now there are lots of official offline stores as well. Products provide clothing, hoods, mukenas, bags, shoes, and accessories. Hijup officially opened an offline store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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