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Currently all benefits are still free, paid members benefits will be available by 2023. 

Meet Our Mentors

Teezar Firmansyah

Partner at Kolibra Capital

Nararya Ciputra

Director at Ciputra

Leontinus Alpha Edison

Co-Founder at Tokopedia

Jongki Widjaja

Partner at EY

Andina Paramitha

Co-Founder at

Muhammad Pradytio

Director of Business and Program of Impala

Our Portfolio

Friday Creamery

Friday Creamery is the leading low-calorie ice cream brand based in Surabaya, Indonesia.


PropertiNext is a data-driven property platform based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Vinmo is an Indonesia-based Earned Wage Access startup aimed to improve employee financial wellness


Rabando is a branding company that helps other businesses to develop their brand and distribute their products.


Prospero is a consulting firm specializing in risk management, and also provide training and software to help improve client’s business

What They Say about Gear Up

We joined Gear Up to understand how we should structure our business, and learn things like building a go to market, pitching and fundraising. The biggest value was being able to access a global network that can give us critical feedback.

Kristoforus Giovanni,
CEO and Co-Founder of Vinmo.

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