Startup Catering Indonesia That Makes You Never Miss Lunch

Startup Catering Indonesia That Makes You Never Miss Lunch

Today’s business opportunities are not only in the realm of technology but also in the food world. This may be unusual, but now many catering startups are mushrooming in Indonesia, especially in the capital city of Jakarta, which is known as a bustling city. Most of the population are workers, so this is an excellent opportunity for this catering business. Just in case you are too busy with your life or are not in the mood to cook,   you can use the services of a catering startup. Interestingly, of course, the catering will be delivered to your place. It can be delivered to your home or even the office

Startup Catering Indonesia

Many companies or offices in the capital use this startup service. The following are popular catering startups in Indonesia.


Founded in 2017, Eatever focuses on developing its products. Offers beverage and food products. In addition, daily catering, meal boxes, buffets, snack boxes, food stalls, coffee breaks, tumpeng, to bakul. You can order these products for individual and company needs. Eatever is available for Jabodetabek area.  


Until now, Yummy Corp. has had more than 50 corporate partners with various needs, such as catering for events, employees, clients, or consumers. The company’s average daily order reaches 4,000-5,000 portions per day. Currently, Yummy Corp has four business lines, namely Food Service Management, to manage employee meals daily. There are also White Label Outlets for service outlets and cafes that can be tailored to the identity and brand of each company. Then one of their main businesses is Yummybox which is catering and ready-to-eat lunch. The last service is Yummy Kitchen. In this service, Yummy Corp. builds several brands or cooperates with other brands to serve ready-to-eat food by ordering through digital channels.


Another startup catering in Indonesia is Dapur Go. Domiciled in Yogyakarta, Dapurgo continues to grow to become one of the catering startups in Indonesia. On their official website, Dapurgo writes that they have served more than 500 students, 100 ASN/TNI/Polri, 80 private employees, and 200 households. There are at least three services provided by this startup created by Pirli Wahyu and Eka Setyawati, namely Subscription, Ready to Eat and Snack. The available menus vary, ranging from Indonesian, Asian, and European food. Interestingly, Dapurgo does the delivery himself. So they can ensure that the food is delivered on time and the quality is maintained. The implementation of technology at DapurGo is most visible from the side of their website presence. Information about the menu, customer service, and current promos is presented.


Founded by Andy Fajar Handika, Kulina is one of the most preferred catering startups by companies. This is because this startup offers many services, including corporate catering, event catering, and home catering. In fact, since the Covid-19 pandemic, Kulina has also provided frozen food that is ready to be delivered to customers’ homes. On the official website, Kulina mentions more than 1,000 menus with affordable to luxurious prices. Kulina applies a pre-order system. So, you need to order food the day before. Then, you can choose the food delivery time, whether morning, afternoon or evening. Kulina is available in the Jabodetabek area.


Gorry Gourmet focuses on diet and healthy food. They combine menus created by world-class chefs with menus from well-known restaurants in Indonesia. There are several diet categories that you can choose from Gorry Gourmet, namely Weight (Fat) Loss, New Age Keto Diet, Pregnancy, Vegetarian, Healthy Box, Diabetes Treatment, Heart Treatment, Stroke Treatment, and Muscle Building. A nutritionist has calculated the nutritional content of each serving. This startup, which was founded in September 2014, has different prices. You can enjoy one serving of food for IDR 25,000 to IDR 55,000. In addition, there is also a diet program package for 14 days for IDR 2,500,000. This catering startup also provides free health consultations. The service area itself only covers Jakarta and Tangerang.

Those are some popular catering startups in Indonesia. This is a practical choice for those of you who are busy and don’t have time to buy food or cook. This catering startup is the solution even when you feel lazy to cook. Besides, do you have a startup? or just want to start developing it? Join Gear Up! One of the programs is Gear Up Star which has many benefits. 

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