5 Solar Energy Startup in Indonesia for the Environment

Solar Energy Startup

5 Solar Energy Startups in Indonesia for a sustainable environment


The world’s energy security is under a huge threat. For a long time, we have been dependent on fossil fuels. Unfortunately, according to Octopus Energy, fossil fuels will be depleted by 2060, if we keep consuming them at our current rate. Fossil fuel is also the driving factor for land degradation, water pollution, and it accounts for 65% of the total GHG emissions. This problem shows the urgency of a new renewable source of energy, to ensure energy security in the current and next century. Are you familiar with solar energy startup?

Recently, we can see a positive shift to a renewable energy source that derives electric power from solar energy (the sun). Indonesia has also followed the shift to solar energy. The Indonesian government plans to derive 23% of total electricity from renewable energy by 2025, and 31% by 2050. According to ANU Research, Indonesia can be fully powered by solar energy in 2050 if equipped with 10 billion solar panels. Since Indonesia is located in a tropical area, Indonesia can benefit from year-long sunshine.

Following the increasing demand for solar energy, various solar energy startups have been established in Indonesia. Their business models generally focus on smart batteries and solar panels. Check out these 5 solar energy startups in Indonesia that you should look forward to.


Key Players in the Solar Energy Startup Industry


1. Xurya

Xurya is a solar energy startup that was established in 2018. Xurya focuses on providing renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuels, especially on the rental of rooftop solar panels. Xurya is the pioneer of the no investment method on solar energy in Indonesia. Xurya has a variety of financing options starting from ownership, loan, and flexible investment. Xurya monetized on the sales of solar products and subscription fees on leased assets.

By now, Xurya has reached more than 25 thousand homes, generated 36.9 million kWh green energy, and helped avoid 34 million Carbon Dioxide emissions. Xurya has also partnered with various corporate clients including Plaza Indonesia, Tokopedia, and Traveloka. In 2021, Xurya has gained USD 21.5 million in funding from venture capital, East Ventures, and many more. 

2. SolarKita

SolarKita is a solar energy startup that was established in 2015. Solarkita installs solar panels and focuses on the residential sector. SolarKita provides end-to-end services which include consultation, surveys, installation, monitoring, and maintenance. SolarKita also has various financing options such as loans and purchases. 

By now, SolarKita has generated 668.5k kWh of electricity from solar energy, partnered with financing companies such as Koinworks and Permata Syariah, and has acquired 60 clients. 

3. Sylendra Power

Sylendra Power was established in Yogyakarta in 2019. Sylendra focuses on retailing an ecosystem of solar panel products. Some of their unique products are their self-developed solar energy battery storage (energy harvester) and Road lighting solar panel solution.

Currently, Sylendra Power is in its seed funding phase. Sylendra received a share of USD 4 million seed funding from the New Energy Nexus incubator-accelerator program. They also have partnered with various institutions including Sun Energy and SolarHub.

4. Khaira Energy

Established in 2015, Khaira Energy is a solar energy startup that develops and retails smart battery storage systems for solar energy and connects them to a digitized platform for smart monitoring. Khaira combines smart battery technology, solar panels, and the digitalization of electricity.

Khaira Energy has received various achievements for its innovation in the clean energy sector such as Kemenperin Making Indonesia 4.0 Startup Competition Winner in 2018 and Ristekdikti Innovation Roadmap Winner in 2019.

5. Ineco Solar

Ineco Solar is a  solar energy startup founded in 2018. Ineco Solar business focuses on selling solar panels for residential and commercial purposes. Beyond that, Ineco solar also provides a battery storage system. 

Currently, Ineco has more than 20 projects around Bali, East Java, and NTB. Ineco has installed a total of 140kWp of solar energy and has partnered with SELIS to create an e-bike solar-powered charging station


Are You Interested in Building a Solar Energy Startup?


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