Organic Marketing vs Paid Marketing: Which One Should you Choose?


Organic Marketing vs Paid Marketing: Which One Should you Choose?

Are you in a dilemma between maximizing organic or paid marketing?

Marketing is a key to the success in the market. With marketing, the public becomes aware of the presence of the business so it can increase sales of the products offered. In addition, marketing will increase your brand awareness, making it easier to sell other products in the future

When choosing a marketing strategy, we stumbled upon two choices: Organic Marketing and Paid Marketing. The two types of marketing are tempting choices for startup businesses because of the advantages possessed by each type of marketing. Not infrequently, the two are placed inversely to each other.

This article will also discuss Organic Marketing and Paid Marketing and see which one should you choose. Let’s read this article further!

Organic Marketing vs Paid Marketing

Organic Marketing

Organic Marketing is a form of marketing that increases business traffic naturally and gradually. With Organic Marketing, a business markets its company or product through content publishing which is then spread through the built-in mechanism of the internet, therefore making the content able to be seen by the public. In other words, this type of marketing utilizes features that are available for free on the internet.

The main purpose of Organic Marketing is to increase long-term brand awareness from the public towards the company. By publishing product or company content, people can interact with the businesses and will be aware of the existence of the company, thus increasing brand awareness.

Types of Organic Marketing

There are many forms of Organic Marketing that companies can do, the easiest to find is social media content about products or companies, newsletters, or blog posts that discuss things about the company in more depth. However, the most effective form of Organic Marketing is search engine optimization (SEO) because it makes products or business can be found at the beginning of the search engine column.

Paid Marketing

In contrast to Organic Marketing, Paid marketing is a type of marketing that utilizes the services of promoters to promote products or companies. Because they use the promoter’s services, businesses need to spend money on those services.

If organic marketing uses content to find audiences, Paid Marketing targets the audience first before doing the marketing. When using the services of a promoter, the company chooses who is the most relevant audience for the content that will be promoted. Thus, the promotion carried out will be faster and more precise to reach the audience.

With Paid Marketing, the promoted content will get the privilege of appearing first in the search engine column so that the possibility of being clicked by internet users becomes higher. It also shows another difference from Organic Marketing which requires SEO shrewdness to appear at the beginning of the internet search column.

Types of Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing is very easy to see around us, for example advertisements on social media, television, or billboards. In addition to advertising, paid marketing can also be done by sponsoring certain events. Thus, if it is paid, it is paid marketing.

Which One Should you Choose?

These two types of marketing are often the subject of debate about which one is more effective in attracting consumers. However, each type of marketing has its own advantages and its use can be adjusted to the initial marketing plan and the direction of the company.

Organic marketing is suitable for companies that want to grow long-term relationships with consumers. By providing interesting content, consumer trust in the brand will increase, thereby increasing their loyalty. In addition, because it is free, this type of marketing will be very cost-effective.

On the other hand, Paid marketing is suitable for companies that want to attract as many consumers as possible in a fast time. With advertising and sponsorship, people become more quickly aware and understand the existence of a brand and products sold by the company. In addition, if done correctly, Paid marketing will provide a greater return on investment (ROI) than the money spent on marketing.

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