5 Tips on How to Leading in Crisis

5 Tips on How to Leading in Crisis

In a period of leadership, a leader will inevitably encounter a crisis that is not inherently inseparable from an organization, be it a business or a community. Crises will come either from the outside (such as disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic) or from within (such as leadership dualities) that will massively disrupt the organization’s activities.

If the leader cannot handle the crisis properly and seriously, the problem will slowly disappear from the organization or business. Therefore, a leader must have a leadership attitude to face situations well.

Quoted from Training Industry, what are the things that a leader should do when a crisis occurs?

How to Leading in Crises

1. Gives a Clear Guidance

Crises create unstable conditions and tend to be always capricious. Therefore, the leader must be able to give clear directions to members regarding what to do. The leader must also always obtain the development of information so that he can change direction quickly when there is a sudden change in conditions.

2. People-oriented Approach

The organization’s safety is essential in a crisis, but the safety of its members must also be the top priority. Therefore, the leader must become humanist when issuing policies, such as giving humane directions to their members. In addition, the leader must also constantly communicate with their members by providing support to them.

3. Train Yourself

Leaders are also human beings. He also needs a “comfort zone” so as not to be anxious and panic. With this comfort zone, the leader can lead the organization better in times of crisis and stay in touch with its members. Therefore, the leader must be able to train himself to be better prepared for times of crisis, both with their efforts and with the help of a coach.

4. Be Transparent

Truth is rare in times of crisis because many leaders usually hide or manipulate information during a problem simply so that members are not panic-stricken. In fact, instead of hiding information that can explode at any time and become the utmost burdensome for all members, it would be better if the leader informed their members about the crisis that occurred. This is expected to make members more mature and ready to overcome the problem.

However, while providing information, the leader must also motivate their members, especially if the information is information that adversely affects the current crisis. With this motivation, it is hoped that members can still have a strong spirit amid the problem.

5. Develop Self-leadership

It is also essential for leaders to set an example for their members in times of crisis. The sample is present in behavior that shows that a leader can lead himself fully and not heed their desires. Thus, it is hoped that members will work hard to follow the example taught by their leaders in times of crisis.

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