5 Steps on How to Build a Startup from the Beginning

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5 Steps on How to Build a Startup from the Beginning

Build a startup business that develops into a large and successful company is the dream of many people in this world. Becoming a national or global business figure and getting the opportunity to be a reliable entrepreneur is one of many big impetuses of opening a startup business. For those of you who read this article, we are sure you also have the same thoughts.

However, the emergence of the whole business is not like the palace of Aladdin that emerged from the genie. Like humans who start their lives as babies, startup businesses also start from scratch. Many rookie entrepreneurs often get confused: where to start?

Don’t worry, we understand your confusion. Therefore, we have compiled some tips that you can take to start your startup business so that your startup will develop smoothly and even become something like Go-To, Bukalapak, or Blibli in the future!

1. Identify the problem, find the solution

You might be familiar with a line from The Wolf of Wall Street: “Sell me this pen”. If you answer the challenge by simply explaining the benefits of the pen, you will almost certainly fail to sell the pen. On the other hand, you will successfully sell the pen if you sell them to people who don’t have any stationery.

That’s the importance of problem-solving in building a startup business. In the problem-solving framework, you need to look for problems in society as the first stage of your startup building. Your startup will then offer a product to solve the problem. If you follow the framework, we guarantee that there will be many people who will glance at your startup.

2. Analyze the Target

The problem-solving framework will indeed attract people’s attention. The problem: who’s interested? Are only a few people interested? Will the solution bring benefits to the broader community?

This is where you should maximize your target consumer analysis when building a startup business. You have to know which consumer segment needs the solutions that you offer with your startup so that you can maximize promotions and increase startup capacity that fits the identity of such a segment. In addition, the analysis of target consumers also provides a mapping of the potential for business development that can be utilized in the future.

3. Build Your Team

Now, you have an idea about the startup you want to build with clear goals and target consumers. However, you will realize that the startup that you are about to establish will be much better if you have a comrade-in-arms who will help you to build your startup.

Forming a good team is the key to startup success. With a team, you can create work specialization so that your startup can work more optimally and efficiently. In addition, your team can provide feedback to increase the quality of your startup.

4. Launch with Maximum Preparation

The problem-solving idea already exists, the target market is clear, and the optimal team is available. Now, it’s time for you to announce your startup to the broader community!

Prepare everything before your startup is published, from the vision and mission, business plans, marketing plans, et cetera. You also need to understand the legal framework so that the startup you establish is in accordance with the laws that apply in your area.

You also need to prepare for future obstacles that can hinder your startup, from market dynamics that are sometimes uncertain to competitors who have the potential to ruin your product. By being prepared to face risks, you will be able to keep your startup running when those risks turn into realities.

5. Scale Up Your Startup

Congratulations on starting your first step in building your dream startup! We believe that you will be able to increase the capacity of your startup even better in the future so that you are able to withstand the obstacles that you will encounter in the future.

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