Startups Game in Indonesia That is Quietly Growing Fast

Startups Game in Indonesia That is Quietly Growing Fast

The number of startups that have sprung up in Indonesia is enough to become the centre of public attention. Moreover, startups in Indonesia are also proliferating and have given birth to more than five unicorn startups. In Indonesia itself, several types of startups are pretty popular, such as FinTech. But only a few people are too familiar with game startups in Indonesia. Most people think that high-quality and sophisticated games come from abroad. Many Indonesian startups have produced great games that are equal in quality to games from abroad. What are game startups in Indonesia? What are the popular and quality Indonesian games? How about the future development of these startups in Indonesia?

Indonesian Startup Game Phenomenon

Most game startups focus on developing new games for smartphone versions (iOS and Android), computers, websites, and consoles (Nintendo and PlayStation). Gaming is one of the fastest-growing fields. The reason, quoted from Antara, is that Indonesia occupies the 16th position in the world and the first in Southeast Asia in the global gaming market. In detail, there were 43.7 million game players in Indonesia in 2017. The potential income reaches US$880 million (around Rp. 11.9 trillion). However, despite the significant market growth, domestically made games are only about 0.4% of the games sold in Indonesia.

According to AGI Program Manager Ardhan Fadhlurrahman, local games have shown a performance that is not inferior to foreign games in the last five years, as quoted by Bisnis. However, most game startups still target foreign markets, such as Europe, the United States, and China. It is true that not all people play games and are not known by all levels of society because games are more of a hobby. Only some people like or pursue them, so it turns out that this startup is secretly proliferating in Indonesia without the knowledge of the wider community or is famous only in the sphere of gamers.

Then, what are startup game companies and examples of game productions?

1. Touchten Games

This game company, which originates from the capital city of Jakarta, is also known as the king of game startups in the country. Touchten has made many games. About 15 matches with high quality have been successfully created, and many are played. Not only that, about the achievements of this one game developer, several games managed to get the top 10 in the world where 2 of them being Ramen Chain and Train Legend. Ramen Chain is one of Touchten Games’ mainstay games in the time management genre. Perfect graphics and storyline make this game crazy for smartphone users. Touchten Games is also developing its publishing platform to publish its various games independently.

It is recorded that 6 million users have visited and used the site. There are various kinds of games you can play besides the two games mentioned above, some of which are Tap Corruptor, Food Chain, Pocket Picture Quiz, and others. Remember that they are also actively writing articles about games that will be released, so users will always get the latest information.

2. Tinker Games

Tinker games is a game developer from Bandung, West Java. He has made various games for the Android, IOS, Windows Phone, and Nokia Asha platforms. Many other game developers are inspired to make similar games for this advantage. The mainstay game that became a big project of Tinker Games is Inheritance, an adventure game with a shooter concept.

3. Agate Studio

The products produced by this startup are of sufficient quality. They have created more than 200 games. Some of its products are Earl Grey, This Rupert Guy, and Football Saga, which were very popular then. Some of his games are already famous in foreign countries. They collaborated with developers from other countries to further expand this startup’s wings. Like collaborating with Australia to develop the Next Door Land game. A game that tells about the adventure between two countries.

4. Toge Production

This time, the company name is unique because it uses Toge. The term has its impression of its founder. This game startup, founded in 2009, has a quality equal to similar companies. At first, this startup produced games only for mobile phones. After they released the game Infectonator, it turned out that many liked it more than millions of people. Then, they also released other games such as Magicat, Rising Hell, and Rage in Peace. This startup also developed games for laptops to further enlarge the company. Toge Production’s victories in several events have motivated this startup to develop more sophisticated games according to market tastes. The company, founded in 2007, is based in Jakarta and is currently developing other mobile games to complement the successful Zombie-Infectonator series in the market.

5. Own Games

Have you ever heard of or even played the popular Tofu Round game in 2016? At that time, Tahu Bulat had topped the Google Play Store. Own Games is the game developer behind the game. This startup from Bandung has five members, namely Edwin Viriya, Jevfin Viriya, Agustin, Ray Naldo and Septian. Apart from Tahu Bulat, Own Games has also released several other games, including Agent Dodge, Own Pet Dragon and Own Super Squad. Own games are different from some of the platforms above.

In general, game developers focus too much on Android and iOS, but for the Own Games company, most games are used for the Nokia Asha and Windows Phone platforms. Already 3.9 million users have downloaded ten games developed by this platform, with one of the famous games, Eyes on Dragon. This method is a business strategy in developing startups that show the difference from other developers who have taken advantage of the popularity of the Android and IOS operating systems.

There are still several game startups in Indonesia. In the future, the number will continue to grow. This proves the potential of this industry is starting to be good and promising. It is known that a venture capital named Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC) is here to provide investment in the Indonesian gaming industry sector. This support indeed becomes a strong impetus for founders who want to realize their game startup.

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