Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gear Up?
Gear Up is a 50-week one-on-one brainstorming program aimed to help launch your company to the next level of your entrepreneurship journey.
How long is the program?

The program lasts for 50 weeks starting on the onboarding day.

Is there any fee to apply?

Yes. The one-time registration fee is IDR 1,000,000. 

When is the ideal time for my company to sign up?

We do not limit our participants in terms of sectors and stage. However, having some level of traction – doesn’t have to be big – would be really beneficial in setting the course for the next 50 weeks. Remember, Gear Up is here to help you level up.

How do I apply?
Please apply through this link
When is the deadline?
We do not have any deadlines. However, implement cutoff dates at every end of the month for our review process.
What does the onboarding process look like?

Please visit the “How It Works” page for full detail or click here.

How long is the onboarding process?

The process will take around 1-2 weeks after the cutoff dates if we have all the required documents and informations.

How will Gear Up help me build my company?
The whole point of the program is that we will be providing one-on-one and catered support based on your company’s specific needs!

After you are onboarded, we will start an initial two-way discussion where you can share with us the cmopany’s biggest problems and overarching goals. The Gear Up team will then share our expertise and advise you on how we can tackle the issues and achieve the goals.

After that, we will create a one-year personalized monthly/weekly KPIs and milestones to help us stay in track of our progress.

Don’t worry, having a one-year KPI does not mean we don’t take into considerations changes or developments during the program. We realize this is a dynamic process and might need to change one thing or another during the process.

For full list of perks, please visit the “What Do Get” page or click here.

Do I need to be physically present in Jakarta for the duration of the program?

No, we are open to setting up remote meetings for day-to-day communications. However, we do encourage you to be present during our live events or certain important meetings.

What is the program schedule?

The schedule will be different from one participant to another as the goal is to cater one-and-one support for each participant.
However, in general, after the participant is onboarded, the Gear Up team and participant will sit down together to discuss the goal we want to achieve throughout the 50 weeks.

What kind of events does Gear Up offer?

Our events events include:

  • Networking events to strenghten our entrepreneurship community.
  • 4-6 Demo Days per year to introduce you to prospective investors and partners.
  • Seminars and talks
If I’m selected, am I assured funding from Gear Up or its network?
Investment timeline will be discussed during our goal setting process.
What if I want to quit along the way?
The journey will be full of challenges, just like life. Of course, we do not want you to quit along the way and will try our best to motivate you to go on. However, we understand sometimes the situation are not in our favor, therefore we do include an exit mechanism scheme within the onboarding agreement.
Is this program open for companies that have received funding?

Opportunities don’t come twice. What are you waiting for?