Best Marketing Strategies For Small Business

One of the keys to the success of a startup is how the company’s marketing runs. After the startup is successfully built, run it until it can achieve the desired target. To be successful, it takes a road or process that is neatly arranged and carefully designed so that the results can be obtained appropriately and quickly. So, you must understand what steps to take and learn precisely what marketing to run. For example, how can we effectively market and scale with a tight budget? It can be challenging to decide where to invest your time and limited resources in marketing. You’ll have to get creative with marketing your small business. You should have your own best marketing strategies.

For practical, here are several marketing strategies that can be carried out by a new company or small business, including startups in Indonesia. 

Best Marketing Strategies For Small Business

1. Social Media

Your social channels allow you to control your message, share updates freely, and build a community around your brand, company, and product. As a free channel to activate, social media can be a great place to create user-generated content, get feedback or even address customer service concerns. Customers also look to social channels to see if they can trust the brand or company or to check out their reviews, so maintaining a presence can help conversion rates. If you want to get exposure and new customers in less time, use Social media marketing. It is one of the cheapest marketing strategies for your startup company.

Social media marketing can turn your startup into a profitable business, but you must know how to utilize it for your business.

Many social media sites exist, but you must choose the right platforms for your startup marketing. Here are some of the most popular social media platforms to use:

  • Facebook is the most used social media platform, with over 2 billion users. Facebook can be used for almost every niche or to promote your business. But the actual cost depends on factors like niche, targeted country, ad type, etc.
  • Instagram – If you are into fashion, beauty, health, modeling, fitness, and photography-related business, Instagram is your best platform. Instagram can also work for any other niche business but can be the best choice for the niches mentioned above.
  • Twitter– Twitter can also help you grow your business. Twitter is more expensive than Facebook but lets you run different ads for various purposes. Twitter is the best platform for B2B companies, but it can work for too forB2C companies.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals, and it is best for B2B businesses. If you have a B2B startup business, then you should try LinkedIn.
  • Snapchat– If you want to target youth or are into fashion, beauty, or health-related niches, try using Snapchat.

Try some platforms to see the one that works best for you before selecting anyone. To know more about a forum, read their case studies and stats published on their sites.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most crucial and low-budget strategies for developing startups. According to reports, email marketing delivers the highest Return -on -Investment (ROI), which is about 40x. Meaning you will get a $40 return on every $1 investment. If you ignore email marketing, you will miss many customers, which means lots of sales. Most startups ignore email marketing. But email marketing is a marketing strategy you can start before you launch your product or company. If you’ve built your email list right, you’ve gathered a group of people who have expressed some interest in your company or product. By segmenting this group based on different characteristics and then emailing them the right content and offers at the right time in their customer journey, you can influence a purchase decision successfully with no added impact on your marketing budget. 

3. Content Marketing

Creating relevant and engaging content for your target audience can help you generate new leads by capturing their interest and building trust. It can also help increase your close ratio by building your brand, answering customer questions, and providing reasons why prospects should choose you. From articles to infographics to eBooks and even videos, you should showcase your expertise, differentiation, and brand values to attract potential customers and help those who are already considering you to make that purchase decision. Great content often gets featured and backlinked, so you can increase your domain authority by placing it on your website. So we can conclude that, Advantages of Content Marketing : 

  • It is cheaper than paid ads
  • It is highly effective and has long-lasting results
  • It builds trust and authority for your brand
  • It helps to create buzz for your startup

4. Partner Marketing

Partnering with another company or organization with a similar target customer can help you both increase your reach and marketing abilities if you pool your resources together to build your brands. Complimentary products and services can be a great place to start. By sharing email lists, exchanging blogs, bundling offerings, or even co-branding programs, ads or sponsorships, you can create win-win situations for both partners. 

5. Search Engine Optimization  

Most people search for information online, and organic search can account for the majority of a website’s traffic. This makes optimizing your website for SEO extremely important. You can introduce yourself to leads with a high-need state or purchase intent through strategic SEO, making this kind of business easier to close. Furthermore, if a customer searches for help with a problem and your website comes up, this helps position you as a credible, trustworthy source to help them. SEO is a complex game that requires skills and experience to get results. You can even hire an expert SEO company to help you if you can’t do it yourself.

Advantages of using SEO for your startup

  • You will get Long-lasting results
  • Cost-effective but higher return-on-investment
  • You will automatically get trust and authority
  • You become a reputable brand
  • You will increase your reach organically

Even with a modest budget, there are many options available to you to create a solid marketing plan for a startup or small business. By employing several affordable strategies that address the entire marketing funnel, from awareness through conversion and advocacy, you can strategically, creatively, and tactfully garner customers and build revenues to eventually reinvest in your marketing efforts and speed up your growth. 

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