What is A/B Testing? Know More Here!

What is A/B Testing? Know More Here!

Wise people say that experience is the best teacher. With experience, a person becomes aware of what are the advantages and disadvantages that they have. This also applies to the business world, including marketing. Experience can develop further marketing with an increase in quality and target attention.

Marketing experience is valuable, but how do you know if an experience is good or bad? Of course, by comparing one experience with another in the same field. The knowledge that provides positive performance above other experiences will be the one that is used to develop marketing in the future.

How is that concept used in marketing? Let us introduce you to A/B testing.

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a form of website optimization that uses performance comparisons between two or more webpage variations. A/B testing is done by experimenting with two or more variations of website pages randomly assigned to the audience. With this experiment, a business can collect data about its users’ behavior to help the engagement of that business in the future.

With A/B testing, a business can make a more precise calculation of users’ interests and behavior. Thus, your marketing can be more accurate and of good quality. In addition, business decisions about marketing can be based on data findings, not just a mere estimate based on hypotheses. The data obtained also sets a precedent for the development of website marketing in the future.

How to Do The Test?

  1. The first thing to do is to determine the purpose of the test: What things do you want to test? Do you want to try the web as a whole? Do you want to test a specific feature on the website? Set your purpose with many questions you want to test.
  2. After determining the goals, you will make variations on your respective websites. There will be at least two variations: control (the original web form) and variation (the already varied webform). Variations can be done in any element of the website, from the button locations and the page color to the content of the entire website page.
  3. Once the variations are set up, you can start experiments by randomly handing over your pages to web audiences. When the investigation is complete, you must compare the results between website control and website variation. The calculation of each performance and experience will show which version of the web is more optimal and follows the interest and behavior of audiences.

Want to Conduct A/B Testing Well? Gear Up Can Help!

The article above shows how A/B testing is one of the effective methods for startups to create efficient and high-quality marketing through website optimization. Well, does your startup also want to have qualified A/B testing? Gear Up can help you!

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