A Guide on What Makes A Good Branding 

What makes a good branding

A Guide on What Makes A Good Branding


What is Branding?


To put it simply, a brand is the identity of a business. It reflects who you are and what you do. Meanwhile, branding is about expressing what your company stands for and communicating it clearly to your customers. Before finding out what makes a good branding, you must find your brand identity. Here are some of the questions you must answer. 

  1. What is the vision/purpose of the company?
  2. What solution are you going to offer? 
  3. How do you communicate this to your customers?


Why is Branding Important?


Branding is essential to create loyalty. When people believe in a brand, they find a personal attachment to it and will keep purchasing from the brand. By standing out from the competition, the brand can contribute extra value to the product/service being offered, commanding a premium price.


3 Phases of Branding


1. Pre-Experience (Brand Identity)

First, you must understand that a customer already has a lot in their minds. Therefore, it is vital to give a lasting impression so that they can remember your brand. Therefore, a brand name must reflect what you do, memorable (e.g. wordplay on common words), and short (max. four syllables). Aside from the brand name, another critical aspect is brand colour. Choose a colour that best reflects your brand, which can eventually become your identity. For example, you can identify Nike‘s distinct shade of orange.

2. Experience (Engagement with Customer)

Once you deliver an experience to the customer, understand that you are intact and engaged with them. This is where branding is critical, as it will reflect your identity. You must be able to make meaningful experiences for the customers, even the smallest ones. Keep in mind that all customers have a powerful voice. The rule of thumb is that your customer must understand what the brand is offering, how the brand can help solve their problems, and what they have to do to get the solution within the first eight seconds.

Along the way, there might be a negative user experience. This dissatisfaction is normal and sometimes unavoidable. In response to their negative feedback, you must understand that a customer who complains is a customer who wants to be heard. Therefore, empathize with the problems they experience with your product/service. In your best efforts, solve the problem so that they can change their mind about your brand

3. Post-Experience (Consistent delivery of experience)

Post-experience Is about the consistent communication of what your brand offers to the customers. You must constantly advocate how your solution solves their problem and what makes you stand out against competitors. Delivering the same experience to existing and potential customers will foster their trust in the brand. 


What Makes a Good Branding?


  1. Clarity (vision) – what is the company’s purpose? The company must know what they stand for and be able to give a clear understanding of it.
  2. Relevance – even if you can communicate a clear purpose with solutions, you have to be relevant in communicating the services and products to customers.
  3. Experience – you can be clear about your solutions or very engaging. But you have to deliver the expertise correctly – not taking too much time or keep people talking about the experience given by your brand.


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