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Program Introduction

We get it… being a founder is hard

From finding new business model, fundraising, internal organization improvements, pivoting, launching your product, to scaling up; the challenges and questions in running your business seem to be never-ending.

This is where we come in.

Gear Up is a startup ecosystem that provides one-on-one and catered support for the chosen startups in our network.

We aim to empower founders and grow Indonesia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through highly qualified advisors coming from diverse background including the entrepreneurship and venture capital. Gear Up gives more than just an ordinary startup incubator in Indonesia

What is Gear Up?

Gear Up is a 50-week one-on-one brainstorming program aimed to help launch your company to the next level of your entrepreneurship journey.

What is the Curriculum?

We believe there is no one recipe to success. This is why we don’t implement a one-fit-all program. Instead, during the 50-week journey, you will receive personalized and tailor-made solutions/attention based on your company’s unique needs.

How We’re Different



Default Material


One-Fits-All Classes


Generalized Goals

Gear Up


Customized Material


Dedicated 1-on-1 Attention/Partnership


Tangible KPI, Focus On Real Time Goals

Registration Perks

Because we want to support you from the beginning.
Expect to gain these benefits just by signing up. Really, you win wither way.


Alibaba Cloud Products

ALL registrants receive a 3 months free trial for 50 different Alibaba Cloud products worth up to $2,000 that will take your business to the next level.

Certification and Training

ACA, ACP Cloud Computing training and exam worth up to $250 for ALL registrants.

Early Founders Discounts!

Enjoy our 50% Early Founders registration discounts!
Only limited slots available.

… And many more to come

Ready for take off?